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Top 5 most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay

Surprise Cave

Discovered in 1901 and named Grotte des Surprises, beauty Sung Sot cave  bring many overwhelming emotions to visitors coming here. Located on Bo Hon island in the center of Ha Long Bay, the 10,000 square meter cave was honored as one of the 10 most beautiful caves in the world by the association of Czech travel agencies and brokers.

Large space inside Sung Sot cave

The path to Sung Sot cave is more than 50 stone steps hidden under the shade of shady trees. The area of the cave entrance is as narrow as it is separate from the surrounding world. The deeper you go inside, the more you will be surprised by the massive and majestic beauty of the stalactites formed millions of years and the shimmer of neon lights leading the small path in the cave. The ceiling area is as large as a theater and the end of the cave has brilliant natural light. Not only bringing spectacular natural beauty, Sung Sot cave is also associated with the image of the fairy Saint Giong and is a destination not to be missed for visitors to Ha Long Bay.

Itinerary 2 days 1 night on President cruise to visit Sung Sot cave

Thien Cung Cave

Traditional folklore Thien Cung Cave This is the place where the Dragon King, after defeating the foreign invaders, held a 7 day 7 night wedding with his wife with the participation of Nam Cao Bac Dau.

Inside Thien Cung cave

Discovered in 1993, Thien Cung cave is nearly 10,000m² wide with a complex structure and majestic stalactite system. The cave is located on Dau Go island, visitors who want to visit can buy tickets to visit Ha Long Bay route 1 (4 hours).

Follow the small path to the entrance of the cave, you will admire the stalactites of all shapes like flying dragons and people dancing happily at the wedding of the Dragon King. Each gust of wind hitting the cliff creates a sound like a vibrant drum. The ceiling of the cave is extremely large and there is a lake at the end of the cave. Thien Cung Cave not only preserves its pristine beauty over millions of years but is also associated with legends that make it extremely attractive that anyone wants to visit once.

Heavenly Palace Cave

Dau Go cave

300m from Thien Cung cave on Dau Go island, Dau Go cave this is one of the largest caves on the bay with an area of nearly 5000m2 and a height of 27m above sea level. Dau Go Cave is also currently in the route to visit Ha Long Bay No. 1 along with Thien Cung Cave.

The very special name of Dau Go cave is explained according to famous historical events of the nation. Tran Hung Dao is said to have hidden wooden stakes here to drop into the Bach Dang River to puncture the war ships of the Mongols. The pieces of wood left in the cave are the origin of the name Dau Go.

Inside Cau Go Cave

Dubbed the "Wonder of Wonders" by the Merveille de Monde travel magazine (Grotte des Merveilles), Dau Go Cave has both wild and magnificent beauty and historical character. The entrance to the cave is led by 90 stone steps with natural light at the entrance of the cave. The space inside is darker and extremely fanciful with stalactites of all shapes and sizes.

Maze Cave

Me Cung Cave is located on Lom Bo Island, just 2km from Titop Island. It is no exaggeration to say that when entering the Maze cave, visitors feel like they are lost in a real maze. The cave is said to have formed 10,000 years ago from the Ha Long early Neolithic period.

Outside the cave is a lush, shady forest, home to many species of birds and animals. Short steps lead up to the precarious Me Cung cave on the side of the cliff. From the entrance of the cave, there are 2 paths dividing the cave into 2 compartments with a poetic space of sparkling colorful stalactites. The biggest difference between Me Cung cave and other caves is that the exquisite stalactites here are shaped like a statue hanging down from the ceiling of the cave.

Unique stalactites in Me Cung cave

Not only bringing attractive natural beauty, Me Cung cave also has great archaeological value. Inside the cave found thick sedimentary rocks, many Melania snail shells, mussel shells, mussels, oysters and fossilized animal bones. These relics partly reveal the life of prehistoric people here.

Luon Cave

Visitors who love typical kayaking activities to explore Ha Long Bay cannot ignore Luon cave. Located on Bo Hon island, 14km from Bai Chay, Luon cave is an arc-shaped gate close to the water about 3m high enough for bamboo boats to pass. Luon Cave with the entrance leading into the calm lake area and lush green trees growing on the steep cliffs.

Photo: @unagi2008 - Inside is a large lake with vertical cliffs

Coming here, you will be able to freely kayak through the mouth of the cave about 100m long to close to the closed rock clusters with a unique structure, enjoy the fresh air and cool blue water.

Aphrodite Cruise with a schedule of 2 days 1 night to visit Luon cave

This is also an interesting opportunity for you to see herds of monkeys living in the mountains running down to feed and play. The harmonious combination between the mountains and the sky, ideal for sightseeing by boat, creates a special charm for Luon Cave.

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