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Dark and Bright Cave - The hottest destination in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay (Hai Phong) - the area adjacent to Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) is famous for its beautiful scenery and majestic limestone islands. Due to the later exploitation of tourism, the bay still retains many pure wild features, making visitors feel like they are immersed in nature and temporarily forget all the hustle and bustle of daily life. There are many famous attractions on Lan Ha Bay for you to explore as well as feel the full beauty of the bay. One of the must-see spots is the Light - Dark cave. Let's join Ha Long Cruise to learn more about Morning - Evening cave.

Where is Bright – Dark Cave?

Light – Dark Cave is located in the bordering area between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, belonging to the biosphere reserve of Cat Ba archipelago. This is a unique form of tectonics because the cave floor is not above the water like most other caves. The cave floor is submerged in water, with only the ceiling above the water, creating a space for small boats to pass from space to space.

The area divided into 2 parts is Light cave and Dark cave. Dark cave is so named because it is a small, long cave and is often swallowed by the tide. Therefore, the cave is difficult to traverse. To ensure the safety of visitors, Dark Cave is usually not open to visitors.

In contrast to Dark Cave is Bright Cave. The cave is larger and it is difficult for the sea water to flood the ceiling of the cave. The height of the cave depends on the rise and fall of the tide and depending on the dry season or high water season. However, Sang cave is usually about 3m high, about 4m wide and about 100m long.

What's so beautiful about Sang - Dark Cave?

Light - Dark cave area has carpets diverse and abundant natural flora and fauna. In addition to the green trees hanging on the cliffs, you can see beautiful coral reefs, many different colors and shapes underwater. Note that if you visit the cave on a low water day (shallow water), it will be easier to see the coral.

Besides, in addition to the schools of colorful fish and jellyfish, you also have You can see monkeys hanging on tree branches playing, a few squirrels or even bats clinging to the ceiling of the cave. Because the area is quite large, you can hardly see these animals easily. So, if you pay close attention to the cliffs and the movement of the trees, you can get a little closer to see if there's an animal living there.

Kayyak tourists visit Sang Dark cave
Favorite popular activity At Morning - Evening cave is kayaking because you are free to explore the cave and visit the surrounding landscape to your liking. It will take about 10-15 minutes for you to kayak from the pier to the gate of Sang cave. The ceiling of the cave is also formed from erosion by sea water and rain water from millions of years like the ceiling of other caves. Going through about 100m of the cave, a quiet and peaceful space will open up before your eyes. This is a type of lagoon surrounded by towering limestone mountains. Float the kayak and feel the birdsong, a very relaxing feeling.

For those who are not active, just want to see the scenery and take pictures, you can choose to sit by hand boat. – a small boat that can carry 6 people and will have local people rowing boats to take you around the cave area.

How to visit Morning – Evening cave?

To visit the Morning – Evening cave, you just need to sign up for a cruise on the bay. Depending on your preferences and time conditions, you can choose an hour train or an overnight train for yourself. However, you should check with your cruise company or travel agent for specific schedules to be sure the cruise will take you around the area before booking.

Here's how. Some high-class overnight cruises have a schedule to visit the Morning - Evening cave that you can refer to:

For sure visiting the Morning – Evening cave will leave you with a very memorable experience. To book a boat tour to visit the Morning - Evening cave, contact Ha Long Cruises for advice and a specific quote!

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