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What's attractive in Ha Long in winter?

Ha Long is beautiful in every season, likened to the "muse" of the North, with a typical 4-season climate. Ha Long is cool, bustling in summer, poetic in autumn, charming in spring. Even when the winter winds come, this place puts on a quiet and peaceful beauty in the magical mist that fascinates people. Let's explore Ha Long together at the end of this year!

Photo: @miket

Ha Long winter weather

You may be too familiar with a cool, bustling Ha Long in the summer. Even when the epidemic rages, the number of visitors has decreased significantly, but it is still a favorite destination for many people. Because the climate here in the summer is very cool, helping to dispel the heat and stuffiness of the North. However, in the winter, there is usually little rain, it is cold, the temperature ranges from 18-24 degrees Celsius, the dry weather is very suitable for visiting the beautiful scenery of the Bay on yachts with very interesting experiences. position.

Photo: @nhuquynh

Season Winter in Ha Long usually lasts from December to about January-February next year, the temperature ranges from 16-18 degrees Celsius. Especially this time is Christmas and New Year is approaching in the atmosphere of the season. At the festival, this place is no longer the harsh sun, the sudden rains, the sky also becomes bluer. It's great to be together in the freezing cold, strolling the night market or sipping at a roadside grill that smokes with the aroma of seafood.

January, February is the time near the Lunar New Year  the weather is quite cold, with both fog and drizzle typical of the North. If you visit the bay during this time, you will admire the fanciful beauty like a watercolor painting of charming mountains. The mist swoops down to the water surface and in that early morning mist, the Dinh Huong islands, the Ga Choi islands, etc. appear extremely shimmering and fanciful. In particular, the bay is airtight and there is no strong wind, so you don't have to worry about it being too cold.

Photo: @frankfornhier

Exciting experience When you come to Ha Long in winter

March, April is considered by many tourists to be the most beautiful time in Ha Long, the sky is clearer, the sun starts to shine, and the sky is also warm. gradually warm up. The whole bay seems to have been changed into a new color with a green color of vegetation mixed with clear blue water sparkling with sunlight shining on the islands. You will admire the vegetation sprouting and blooming in spring.

And this time is also suitable to participate in outdoor activities such as cycling, climbing, kayaking, night squid fishing, or simply watching the sunrise and sunset. romance of the sea on luxury yachts… are experiences you must try.

Photo: @notsoprivate

One thing that makes you wonder when traveling to Ha Long in winter is not being able to take a bath, don't worry because in winter All luxury hotels or yachts have 4-season swimming pools. So, you can just enjoy a dip in the warm water, sip a glass of wine, and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the bay.

Photo: @elyzu

An interesting experience when coming here in winter is waking up early to warm up. Try jogging along the beach while admiring the beauty of Ha Long early in the morning, discovering the coastal fishing villages, and learning about the cultural life of the people here when they come back from the sea. The boat slot is full of fish and shrimp and the kind smiles of the people in the sea. Those are the familiar sounds after nights of fishing and casting and the rising smoke from the kitchen blending into the mist, the warm lights dispelling the cold of the night dew.

Image: @wingsonh

Bonus Special dishes when coming to Ha Long on winter days

Ha Long squid cake:  rated as the most famous dish in Ha Long, the ingredients are made from the freshest squid, carefully pounded by hand and Clean processing, very delicious taste. There's nothing better on a winter day when you can enjoy squid ink sticky rice with squid ink rolls.

Photo: @dulichhalong

Shrimp noodle soup: The most suitable dish on cold winter days, the warmth from the bowl of shrimp noodles gives off a smoky, medium smoke. eating while sipping the spicy flavor that dispels the cold of winter is wonderful.

Photo: @dulichhalong

Seafood: this is an indispensable dish when traveling to Ha Long, seafood in this is very fresh, carefully prepared, the best is to eat grilled seafood on a cold day.

Photo: @ dulichhalong

In winter, especially when travel agencies are launching stimulus packages for domestic tourism with incentives and promotions much cheaper than going in the summer.Because this is not the peak season, it is not too crowded with tourists, no need to worry about running out of rooms, food service is more affordable, service quality is better. The service is also more attentive and careful, so it will save you a lot of money and you will also feel more satisfied.

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