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Pocket 5 virtual living corners "thousands of likes" on Ha Long cruise

For believers who love to travel to Ha Long or Lan Ha bay by overnight cruise on the bay, it is impossible not to be interested in the divine virtual living corners. Because any position on the cruise can become the perfect backdrop for photos commemorating the imprint on the ultra-trendy bay. Let's pocket the 5 most checked-in places on the cruise.

Balcony on cruise

Photo: @nhhimsoc13

This is supposed to be a completely private space, just you with the clouds, the sky, the majestic young water of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha will definitely be a beautiful backdrop for your photos. This is the reason why many people choose to go on a cruise, especially rooms with private balconies and can not forget to bring beautiful dresses, bright colors to stand out in their photos.

Photo: @duthuyenscarletpearl

Outdoor swimming pool

Photo: @duthuyenrosy

The outdoor swimming pool is a favorite attraction of many tourists on the Rosy cruise or the Stellar of the Seas is a 4-season swimming pool that allows you to take a dip in the water while enjoying the beauty of the natural wonder right away. in front of eyes. The swimming pool is the check-in point you can't miss while on a cruise.

Photo: @duthuyenstella


Photo: @sealifecruise

Standing on the terrace of the cruise, you can zoom 360 degrees around the Bay to explore the thousands of years old rocky mountains, enjoy the poetic beauty here, watch the sunrise, sunset, sunbathe. on sundeck.

This is also an ideal place for you and your family to capture beautiful photos and leave memorable impressions when experiencing the cruise to discover Ha Long Bay.

Photo: @duthuyenscarletpearl

Prepare yours long maxi dresses, bright colors to always stand out and step on the cruise, look into the distance, your hair and skirt fluttering in the sea breeze, you've got the best virtual life photos already.

Bathroom bathtub

Photo: @sealifecruise

To create the most comfortable and relaxing space for visitors, some cruises on Ha Long Bay have designed a bathtub or Jacuzzi in each bedroom, placing the bathtub right next to the bathroom window. while reclining in the hot tub, admiring the beautiful scenery of the natural wonder of the world, sipping a glass of wine is a gentle but very special way of enjoyment.

Photo: @duthuyenstellar

This is also the most checked-in place most on the cruise of virtual believers.

Luxury, modern bedroom

Photo: @senacruise

Most of the bedrooms on Ha Long cruise are very beautiful, luxurious, have private windows or balconies and have a great view, you can easily admire the beauty of the sea. beauty of the bay. And this is also one of the beautiful check-in corners showing the most luxury and luxury for you when traveling on a Ha Long cruise.

Photo: @duthuyenstellar

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