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Destinations not to be missed with Halong Bay Cruise

When it comes to Ha Long Bay tourism, people often think of luxurious and modern cruises that can accompany every sightseeing destination on the bay. If you are planning to travel to Ha Long and are still wondering about choosing a cruise and the places to visit, please refer to the article below to learn more about the destinations in your itinerary. .

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is famous for its beautiful scenery and thousands of large and small caves, always being the most favorite choice because this area has a large number of overnight cruises on the bay and there are great destinations that you can visit. should not be ignored.

Surprise Cave

Photo: @ouchiaan_photography

Sung Sot Cave located on Bo Hon Island is the largest and most beautiful cave on the bay. The path to Sung Sot cave is more than 50 stone steps hidden under the shade of shady trees. The narrow cave entrance area separates from the surrounding world. The deeper you go inside, the more surprised you will be with the majestic beauty of stalactites forming millions of years and the shimmer of neon lights leading the small path in the cave. The ceiling area is large and the end of the cave has bright natural light.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Sung Sot Cave: Ambassador Cruise, Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Paradise Sails, Stellar…

Ti Top Island

Photo: @dulichhalong

Traveling to Ha Long without visiting Titop Island is a mistake. Located in the core area of ​​the heritage of Ha Long Bay, the island has a crescent moon-shaped sandy beach, steep banks, an inclined shore with white, flat and smooth sand right at the foot, embracing the island's foot.

Although the sand beach of Titop island is not too large, it is quite airy and quiet, cruises and cruise ships often stop here so that guests can freely visit the island, swim in the sea or climb to the top of the mountain to see the whole island. Ha Long Bay view from above.

When traveling to Titop island, you can participate in a number of activities such as swimming, kayaking, skydiving... the way to the island is not too difficult, because Titop is located in the tourist route No. 2 of the resort. Ha Long Bay, so you can buy a boat ticket or buy a boat tour to try the feeling of spending the night on the bay.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Ti Top Island: Ambassador Cruise, Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Au Co Cruise...

Luon Cave

Photo: @dulichhalong

Luon Cave - located on Bo Hon island, the mouth of the cave is 3m high, about 4m wide, the scenery here is very wild, magnificent, steep cliffs, four seasons of blue water, as calm as a mirror. Close to the water's edge is a bow-shaped gate that opens at the foot of the island, which is Luon cave.

At the end of the cave is a lake and there are more yellow monkeys residing, adding more beauty and curiosity to visitors when coming here. Especially the shape of Luon cave, in front of the cave there is an archway that looks like a very strange and mysterious tunnel. At the entrance of the cave leading to the sea with a jade-green water color that blends with clouds, trees, and mountains, creating a water-color painting that has "cut the heart" of many visitors.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Luon Cave: Ambassador Cruise, Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Au Co cruise...

Soi Sim Island

Photo: @asahiluxstay

If you are too familiar with ravishing beaches, bustling tourist areas and want to find the most pristine and fresh places, Soi Sim Island is an ideal destination.

Located in the tourist area of ​​Ha Long Bay, this Soi Sim is about 12km from Bai Chay Bridge and about 700m from Titop Island. Soi Sim Island is actually a primeval forest with many valuable endemic plant species representing the diversity of Ha Long Bay's ecosystem. This place has an extremely spacious, fresh and peaceful space with a fresh climate, calm waves and unspoiled beaches, white sand stretching endlessly, captivating many tourists.

An interesting thing when you explore this unspoiled island is that you can climb to the top of the island to have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. From here, both the Southeast and Northwest areas of Ha Long Bay shrink into your eyes.

Halong Bay cruises to Soi Sim Island: Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Paradise Sails…

Tung Sau pearl craft village

Photo: @dulichhalong

Tung Sau is the most famous pearl farming village in Ha Long Bay and also a place that attracts many tourists. Here, visitors can visit and learn the entire process of producing pearls and products from pearls.

Visiting the pearl craft village is a very special experience besides enjoying a cruise on Ha Long Bay. Visitors will learn about the pearl making process as well as the characteristics of the color and shape of the mussels cultured here. In addition, visitors can choose gifts from pearls to bring back as gifts for their loved ones.

Halong Bay cruises to Tung Sau pearl village: Ambassador, Paradise Elegance, Paradise Sails…

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located off the coast of the beautiful coastal city of Hai Phong, about 30km from the city center. Lan Ha Bay is located in the East of Cat Ba Island and is an adjacent bridge between Cat Ba Island and the world wonder of Ha Long Bay. From the jetty of Cat Ba Island, it takes about 30 minutes to take a cruise with Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay has recently become popular as an attractive destination including Cat Ba Island.

Three Peach Island

Photo: @dulichhalong

Is an island located in Lan Ha Bay, close to the Southeast of Ha Long Bay. Recently, Ba Trai Dao Island is a famous tourist destination with 3 pristine beaches, each of which is in the shape of a bow embracing the foot of the small island.

Known as an ideal destination on Lan Ha Bay for kayaking and swimming, the area also has pristine and deserted beaches close to Cat Ba Island.

Halong Bay cruises to Ba Trai Dao island: Stellar of the seas, Orchid, Heritage, Peony, Indochine, Orchid Trendy, Dora...

Frog Pond Area

Photo: @dulichhalong

The area is one of the tourist attractions on Lan Ha Bay, which is famous for its unspoiled beauty and tranquility. The whole area is a majestic landscape created by the rocky mountain surrounded by crystal clear water and small pristine sandy beaches.

Frog Pond is also an ideal place for water sports especially kayaking. Passing by small islands and caves, kayaking allows you to get closer to the rocky mountains and see countless vivid views of the marine world under the clear blue water.

Halong Bay cruises to Frog Pond area: Scarlet Pearl, Stellar of the seas, Orchid, Era, Peony, Orchid Trendy, Mon Cheri, Le Theater, Orchid Premium...

Dark and Bright Cave

Photo: @dulichhalong

Dark and Bright Cave located in the bordering area of Ha Long and Lan Ha bays is famous for its beautiful limestone structure and rich natural habitat. The whole area is divided into 2 parts: Bright cave and Dark cave. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in nature, admire the rich vegetation and enjoy the fresh air, all creating an interesting trip to Bright Dark Cave.

Halong Bay cruises to Dark and Bright cave: Stellar of the seas, Paradise Grand, Era, Heritage, Indochine, Mon Cheri, Dora...

Trung Trang Cave


Located in Trung Trang valley, about 15km from Cat Ba town. Trung Trang cave is about 300m long going through the mountain and can accommodate hundreds of visitors at a time. When visiting here, visitors will admire thousands of unique and sparkling stalactites like stepping into a strange wonderland.

Cruises from Halong Bay to Trung Trang Cave: Orchid, Paradise Grand, Peony, Orchid Trendy, Mon Cheri...

Viet Hai fishing village

Photo: @langviethai

Viet Hai is a famous fishing village on Cat Ba island, Cat Hai district, Hai Phong attracting a large number of tourists thanks to its unique and pristine natural landscape, friendly and hospitable people.

Usually included in a 3 day 2 night cruise on Lan Ha bay. The experience of cycling around Viet Hai village is a very interesting experience when you get there: you will be cycling through the rain forest and dark tunnels, admiring the beautiful scenery of the rice fields, visiting the ancient villages made from straw, bamboo, mud or exchange to learn about the culture of local people.

Halong Bay cruises to Viet Hai fishing village: Orchid, Paradise Grand, Era, Heritage, Peony, Indochine, Orchid Trendy, Mon Cheri, Le Theater...

Bai Tu Long Bay

Located in the northeast of Ha Long Bay is the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay. Bai Tu Long Bay also has a special attraction for tourists like the two above bays. Because this bay is pristine and has many outstanding attractions.

Thien Canh Son Cave

Photo: @parkerlim

Thien Canh Son is a fairly unspoiled cave located on Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay of Cong Do reserve is a favorite destination of many tourists when traveling to Ha Long. Thanks to its natural beauty, the pristine limestone stalactites and stunning surroundings.

You can visit Thien Canh Son cave when participating in a day tour to visit Bai Tu Long Bay, or overnight on the bay. The boat will stop near the location of Hon Co island, there will be a boat to take you to the island and start the journey to visit the cave. Climbing more than 100 stone steps you will reach the entrance of the cave, you will be guided about the formation process and unique stories about this cave.

Halong Bay cruises to Thien Canh Son cave: Signature, Signature Royal, Athena, Renea, Swan...

Vung Vieng fishing village

Photo: @langchaivungvieng

Vung Vieng fishing village (also known as Vong Vieng) not only attracts tourists by its very rustic name but also by the simple and peaceful life here. Coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, you will be immersed in a simple, green space, with kind and honest people.

Vung Vieng fishing village in Bai Tu Long Bay is about 25km from the mainland. It is a place where thousands of fishermen live year-round, engaged in fishing for a living, but they always have a cheerful and optimistic spirit. Vung Vieng fishing village is one of the interesting discovery points for visitors to visit Ha Long Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay.

Halong Bay cruises to Vung Vieng fishing village: Signature, Signature Royal, Athena, Renea, Swan...

Cap La Island

Photo: @daocapla

It is a peaceful bay on Bai Tu Long Bay with many attractive small pristine beaches. Is a great tourist destination with peaceful young water scenery and pristine white sand beach. Coming here, visitors will feel lost in the maze of large and small islands, white stalactite caves or dreamy coves.

Currently, there are many cruises choosing Cop La beach as a destination in their schedule for kayaking activities to explore the beautiful surrounding scenery and also beaches to enjoy the crystal clear blue water.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Cop La Island: Signature Royal, Athena, Renea, Swan...

Cong Dam area

Photo: @congdam

Located on peaceful Bai Tu Long Bay, Cong Dam area is known for its natural, majestic and poetic beauty, you will be overwhelmed by the rocky mountains formed from stacked rocks. along the straight line and peaceful space of the young water scene on the bay.

Halong Bay cruises to Cong Dam area: Signature Royal, Athena, Renea, Swan...

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