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7 interesting activities and experiences on Ha Long cruise

Overnight on a cruise is an experience that you should not miss in your journey to visit and explore Ha Long Bay. Because when you spend the night on the bay, you can not only admire the shimmering sea view, immerse in the quiet space at night, but also watch the super romantic sunrise and sunset on the sea. In particular, you will experience the following very useful and interesting activities on the cruise.

Morning Tai Chi Class

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

This is the first activity in the morning when you wake up on the cruise. Practicing Tai Chi on the deck is the perfect way to start your day in Ha Long Bay. Most of Ha Long cruises have early morning Tai Chi exercises as part of the boat's package tour program.

Try to get up early, enjoy the fresh air, while the sky is gradually dyeing a pink color of the sunrise rising from the sea. You will participate in a Tai Chi session with the dedicated guidance of an expert who will guide you through movements that combine breath and body, and inspire you with a unique culture. with all visitors.

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

The training session will include light exercise postures starting at 6 am every day. While practicing, you will be able to fully absorb the magical scenery of Ha Long Bay - a scene that helps you to awaken both mind and body, to start a new day with joy and energy.

Sunbathing on the terrace

Photo: @cherylnguyenvn

This is a very interesting activity on the cruise. However, when this activity takes place is in the early morning when the sun begins to shine or in the afternoon when the sunlight gradually fades to avoid periods of intense sunlight, causing skin burns and ultraviolet rays. Good for skin and health such as: sunburn and heatstroke.

You just need a cocktail or a cup of coffee lying on the sun loungers on the terrace, sipping and enjoying the gentle rays of the sun, watching the beautiful scenery on the sea and saving the photos for a lifetime at that moment. I'm tired of checking in.

Take a traditional cooking class

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

Cooking class on the cruise is a fun and useful activity to help visitors learn about Vietnamese cuisine, which is organized by overnight cruises on cruise ships.

The onboard cooking class is suitable for all ages, and the cruises chef will lead the activity on deck. One of the dishes is often instructed to make Vietnamese traditional fried spring rolls. You will observe the chef's meticulous preparation and cooking process, learn to follow them yourself, listen to cooking experiences and enjoy your own results.

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

This activity, the children love it, so families with young children should let the children try it once to have the most interesting experiences in this rewarding trip.

Swimming pool on cruise

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

For tourists, swimming is an indispensable thing in their beach trip. In the tours of Ha Long cruise, there is a program that takes visitors to visit the islands and then visitors are free to swim there along with kayaking activities… but swimming in the cruise swimming pool is an experience. The most unique and interesting experience that everyone should try once in their life.

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

Try the feeling, immerse yourself in the 4-season swimming pool on the cruise while sipping a delicious drink and enjoying the magnificent landscape right in front of your eyes, while the cruise is gently gliding on the surface of the bay. However, not all cruises have enough space to design a swimming pool on the cruise. Do not hesitate to choose a luxury cruise with swimming pool to experience that feeling.

Some of the most popular Ha Long cruises with swimming pools: Rosy, stella of the seas, Heritage, Orchid, Ambassador...

Relax and beautify

Photo: @duthuyenhalong

After a tiring day with the activities of the cruise on the bay, try to find relaxation at the Spa with care and massage treatments on the cruise that will restore your health after a long day of activities. You just need to notify the staff on board and they will be ready to respond to your request.

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing tour is an extremely interesting experience when you come to Ha Long. You will try the feeling of sailing to the sea in the evening, lighting up squid fishing at night. This is a truly vivid experience of the life of fishermen on Ha Long Bay. The feeling of casting nets like a local fisherman here will definitely be an activity that makes you excited to explore.

However, squid season usually starts in April and ends around January next year. At the beginning of the season, the squid is smaller, but later on, the squid will get bigger and bigger. Squid fishing season starts from August to December and the biggest squid season is around October to November.

Entertainment in the evening

There are a number of luxury cruises in Ha Long that offer live music every night, allowing you to enjoy a drink while listening to live tunes from top singers. .

In case there is no live music on the cruise, do not hesitate to join the music party with the guests on the cruise, or simply enjoy the music in the common area and relax your mind…

Photo: @cherylnguyenvn

Photo: @cherylnguyenvn

The best thing about coming to Ha Long is the experience of spending the night on the bay, on a fully-equipped cruise, and experiencing useful and interesting activities. Your trip will become more unforgettable and meaningful than ever.

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