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Top destinations not to be missed when coming to Ha Long

Ha Long Bay is famous for its beautiful scenery and thousands of large and small caves, always being the most favorite choice because this area has a large number of overnight cruises on the bay and there are great destinations that you can visit. should not be ignored.

Surprise Cave

Photo: @ouchiaan_photography

Sung Sot Cave located on Bo Hon Island is the largest and most beautiful cave on the bay. The path to Sung Sot cave is more than 50 stone steps hidden under the shade of shady trees. The narrow cave entrance area separates from the surrounding world. The deeper you go inside, the more surprised you will be with the majestic beauty of stalactites forming millions of years and the shimmer of neon lights leading the small path in the cave. The ceiling area is large and the end of the cave has bright natural light.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Sung Sot Cave: Ambassador Cruise, Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Paradise Sails, Stellar…

Ti Top Island

Photo: @dulichhalong

Traveling to Ha Long without visiting Titop Island is a mistake. Located in the core area of ​​the heritage of Ha Long Bay, the island has a crescent moon-shaped sandy beach, steep banks, an inclined shore with white, flat and smooth sand right at the foot, embracing the island's foot.

Although the sand beach of Titop island is not too large, it is quite airy and quiet, cruises and cruise ships often stop here so that guests can freely visit the island, swim in the sea or climb to the top of the mountain to see the whole island. Ha Long Bay view from above.

When traveling to Titop island, you can participate in a number of activities such as swimming, kayaking, skydiving... the way to the island is not too difficult, because Titop is located in the tourist route No. 2 of the resort. Ha Long Bay, so you can buy a boat ticket or buy a boat tour to try the feeling of spending the night on the bay.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Ti Top Island: Ambassador Cruise, Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Au Co Cruise...

Luon Cave

Photo: @dulichhalong

Luon Cave - located on Bo Hon island, the mouth of the cave is 3m high, about 4m wide, the scenery here is very wild, magnificent, steep cliffs, four seasons of blue water, as calm as a mirror. Close to the water's edge is a bow-shaped gate that opens at the foot of the island, which is Luon cave.

At the end of the cave is a lake and there are more yellow monkeys residing, adding more beauty and curiosity to visitors when coming here. Especially the shape of Luon cave, in front of the cave there is an archway that looks like a very strange and mysterious tunnel. At the entrance of the cave leading to the sea with a jade-green water color that blends with clouds, trees, and mountains, creating an ink painting that has "cut the heart" of many visitors.

Cruises from Ha Long Bay to Luon Cave: Ambassador Cruise, Paradise Elegance, Pelican, Au Cơ Cruise…

Cua Van fishing village

Photo: @garydavis007

Cua Van fishing village is located in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, originating from two ancient fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, Truc Vong and Giang Vong. Cua Van has become an important and indispensable complex in this famous calm sea.

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, you can not only immerse yourself in a quiet, peaceful, and strangely charming space, see firsthand the charming natural scenery, learn about the cultural life of fishermen, but also be guided to visit, show how to row a boat, cast nets, drop fishing, catch fish...

Photo: @mypontofview

According to a poll of a famous tourism website, this village is in the top 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world. Currently, the village has more than 300 households living by fishing.

With the characteristic of living on the island, the houses here are built undulating on the water, creating a very unique and interesting living space. You will easily be captivated by the beauty of the boats, the bamboo baskets parked in front of the house, the simple, simple but very hospitable fishermen... a very poetic, peaceful, gentle scene, contains the wild features of a fishing village on the sea.

Tuan Chau Island

Photo: @yen_buii_

If you have the opportunity to come to Ha Long, you should definitely not miss Tuan Chau island - one of the most famous islands in Ha Long. Located about 2km from the center of Ha Long, the impression of visitors when coming here is the island with many high-rise houses and villas hidden among the rolling hills. Going deep inside, you will admire the beauty of the culinary streets designed in the royal architecture style, the dishes are diverse, rich and attractive.

Photo: @minhkhue2802

Besides, the highlight of this island is Tuan Chau international passenger port located to the southwest. With a length of the wharf about 7km, this place is a safe and modern mooring place for boats with a capacity of up to 1000 ships at the same time. Many overnight cruises as well as day cruises on Ha Long Bay depart from this pier such as Paradise Cruise, President Cruise, Stella Cruise...

Photo: @hanh.chann

In addition, when traveling to Tuan Chau Island - Ha Long, you will also be able to participate in many entertainment activities here such as dolphin circus, seals, sea lions, water music program with orchestra. Live bars, 5D cinema... you can also participate in sea activities such as diving, walking on the beach...

Reu Island

Photo: @dulichdaoreu

Reu Island is known by many tourists as "miniature Dubai" because it has an extremely beautiful landscape that anyone who has ever set foot here is also very impressed with its wild beauty and quiet space. , fresh.

Photo: @dulichdaoreu

It is an ideal place for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the majestic nature, watch the sunset, sunrise, enjoy the salty taste of the sea or admire the birds and animals. items on the island. Reu Island is home to thousands of friendly and funny monkeys.

Photo: @dulichdaoreu

Photo: @dulichdaoreu

Visiting Reu island, you will enjoy special dishes such as: grilled oysters with onion fat, lobster, snails cooked in Asian and Uu styles of the Vinpearl system of Reu island. This place will make you feel all the quintessential things when traveling to Ha Long.

Sun World Halong Park

Photo: @o.a.n.h

This is a new amusement park in Ha Long with an area of 214 hectares, including many areas of experience and discovery such as: Queen cable car route, Sun Wheel, Japanese Zen Garden, Dragon park...

Photo: @andrew.nhn97

Photo: @sunworldhalongcomplex

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