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6 must-try activities while on a Ha Long cruise

In recent days, taking a cruise on Ha Long Bay - which was once recognized as a World Natural Heritage site has become a popular trend and has never cooled down in the tourism community. It is because of the continuous development of cruise services that neighboring areas such as Lan Ha Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay are also gradually exploited and become attracted by the wild and equally magnificent beauty. So, what is the cruise service on the bay that has become such a HOT trend?

  • Package itinerary, flexible time

There are many time frames for a cruise to Ha Long Bay such as 4-6 hours morning or afternoon, 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights and a few 4 days 3 nights. Package service from direct sales channel of cruise companies or agency channels will provide you with transportation, accommodation, meals, sightseeing expenses and other related activities. You will only need to book in advance and wait for the date to go, completely worry-free during the tour.

  • Experience "floating hotel" service

Like the "floating hotels" on the bay, the cruise will bring a completely new feeling. It is also fun, sightseeing, enjoying delicious food, sleeping in a comfortable room like other vacations, but floating on the sea and immersing in nature will be an extremely memorable experience.

  • Suitable for many types of visitors

Regardless of whether you are an explorer or a resort traveler; you go with family, friends or loved ones; If you have young children or are traveling with the elderly, cruises can all be suitable. Each cruise has a specific program, a balance of on-board and off-board activities, and menus for adults and children. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to participate in exciting activities or simply relax on board and admire the majestic beauty of the bay.

The program on the cruise is designed to be diverse and arranged in a reasonable time. Therefore, you can fully experience all the exciting activities and still have plenty of time to rest for yourself.

So, let's take a look at the 6 activities that you must try while on the cruise below:


Kayaking can be considered as one of the most enjoyable activities while on a cruise. This is a small boat that moves by human power. You will sit on the boat and use the oars to control the direction and speed of the boat, freely explore the limestone islands and feel the clear turquoise front lane nearby.

Kayaks are available for one or two people. Double kayak (2 people sitting) is commonly used on the bay. However, if you go alone, you can choose a position in the middle or behind the kayak, which can still be easily controlled.

Popular kayaking areas on Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay such as Luon cave, Sang cave, Dark cave, Trong cave, Ba Trai Dao, Ba Ham lake, etc.

 Kayaking on the bay.

Cave exploration

If you only look at the limestone mountains from the outside, you will not be able to imagine how magical and sparkling inside. Besides the aesthetic value, Ha Long Bay also attracts international and Vietnamese tourists because of its geological value, the formation of caves and the stalagmites and stalactites inside. Stepping through the small cave door, a large space opens, the stalagmites and stalactites with millions of years old are high from floor to ceiling, shining like diamonds when the light shines on.

If you choose to stay overnight on the bay with a guide, you will be introduced to the history of formation, legends and the origin of the names of the caves extremely interesting.

Depending on the route of operation, each cruise ship will have a schedule to visit different caves, including Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave, Me Cung cave, Trinh Nu cave, Trong cave, etc. Luon, Bo Nau cave, Bright - Dark cave (Lan Ha Bay).

Surprise Cave – Ha Long Bay

Climbing, watching the bay from above

Famous for its large and small rocky islands, climbing mountains and watching the bay from above is an activity not to be missed. Ha Long Bay consists of countless craggy and rugged rocky mountains, but there are also rocky mountains that have been built with stairs to serve tourists. The feeling of conquering a few hundred stone steps and reaching the top of the mountain is a feeling that cannot be more wonderful. You will admire the 360-degree panoramic beauty of Ha Long Bay from above, the unique rocky islands scattered across the bay.

The destination where you can experience this activity is the top of the mountain on Ti Top island, Soi Sim island, Me Cung cave or Sung Sot cave.

View from the top of Ti Top mountain (Photo: nine_bello)

Visit a floating fishing village on the bay

Do you wonder why fishermen can live all year round, floating on the sea and how are the essential needs of food, water, education and medical treatment of the ancient people guaranteed?

Today, along with the government's relocation policy to bring a better life to the people, only a few households remain and preserve their local identity. However, witnessing the floating houses and hearing about the daily life of the fishermen is an activity not to be missed when taking a Ha Long cruise.

Some fishing villages on Ha Long Bay: Ba Hang, Cua Van, Vung Vieng (Vong Vieng), Cong Dam.

Cua Van fishing village

Swimming at the pristine beach

Like a "natural infinity pool", Ha Long Bay makes anyone who comes to want to immerse themselves in the endless blue water. With the terrain surrounded by limestone islands, the sea water of Ha Long Bay is usually calm and the waves are gentle. Therefore, swimming here will definitely bring you and your family moments of enjoyment and relaxation.

The super beautiful beaches that you can visit are Soi Sim beach, Ti Top beach, Ba Trai Dao beach and some other pristine beaches.

Soi Sim Beach

Night squid fishing

If you choose to spend the night on a cruise , it will be a mistake to skip the night squid fishing on your cruise. Squid fishing usually takes place after dinner, when all the cruises have lit up and squid fishing equipment will be provided by the staff on board. With just a headlight bulb lit near the water to attract squid, a fishing rod and a hook, you can sit and try your luck while chatting with friends and family. This is definitely an interesting experience in your bay visit.

Night squid fishing on the boat

Are there too many exciting activities on a Halong Bay cruise? Hope this article will be an inspiration for your next trip.

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