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Top 4 most beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long

Ha Long Bay not only possesses a fanciful and charming natural scenery of a world natural heritage, but it also attracts tourists by the peaceful and simple beauty of 4 beautiful fishing villages on the island. Bay.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Photo: @langchaivungvieng

Vung Vieng fishing village (also known as Vong Vieng) not only attracts tourists by its very rustic name but also by the simple and peaceful life here. Coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, you will be immersed in a simple, green space, with kind and honest people.

Photo: @langchaivungvieng

Vung Vieng fishing village in Bai Tu Long Bay about 25km from the mainland. It is a place where thousands of fishermen live year-round, engaged in fishing for a living, but they always have a cheerful and optimistic spirit. The name of the fishing village comes from the old days when Hai Phong people went to trade and trade with China every time they came here at noon. At this time, the fishermen here are cooking lunch, the sea breeze blows on the lid of the pot, since then people call this place with the intimate name Vung Vieng.

Vung Vieng Fishing Village. is one of the interesting discovery points for tourists to visit Ha Long Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay.

Cua Van Fishing Village


Cua Van fishing village (Quang Ninh) is one of the extremely attractive destinations, covered by towering limestone mountains, spectacular mysteries. Is one of the most beautiful ancient villages located between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Cua Van Fishing Village is located in Hung Thang Commune, Ha Long City, originating from 2 Ancient fishing villages in Ha Long Bay are Truc Vong and Giang Vong. Cua Van has become an important and indispensable complex in this famous calm sea.

Photo: @langchaicuavan

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, you can not only immerse yourself in a quiet, peaceful, strangely charming space, but also see it with your own eyes. admire the charming natural scenery, learn about the cultural life of fishermen, but also be guided to visit, show how to row a boat, cast a net, release fishing, catch fish and shrimp...

According to a poll of a famous tourism website, this village is in the top 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world. Currently, the village has more than 300 households living by fishing. With the characteristic of living on the island, the houses here are built undulating on the water, creating a very unique and interesting living space. You will easily be captivated by the beauty of the boats, the bamboo baskets parked in front of the house, the simple, simple but very hospitable fishermen... a very poetic, peaceful, gentle scene, full of wild features of a fishing village on the sea.

Cong Dam Fishing Village

Cong Dam Fishing Village is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, far from the mainland and completely separate from tourist routes, so the natural scenery here is still quite wild and the environment is very beautiful. clean.

Photo: @langchaicongdam

Cong Dam Tuy is a small ancient village, with only about 120 people, but still retains the most intact traditional fishing culture. When coming here, you will experience interesting activities with fishermen such as fishing, squid fishing, participating in mangrove planting, or kayaking, sitting on a bamboo boat to explore the small houses. beautiful, soaring limestone mountains.

Photo: @langchaicongdam

Besides, Cong Dam fishing village is also an area with a lot of coral reefs, coral reefs, underground lakes in the heart of limestone mountains, and many underground caves. In addition, this is also an area with many large and small beaches, with clear blue water, fine white sand, giving you peace of mind and interesting moments here.

Ba Hang Fishing Village

Photo: @langchaibahang

Ba Hang fishing village is located at the foot of high mountain of Dau Go island, quite close to Thien Cung cave. Like Cong Dam fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village only has about 50 households engaged in fishing. But when it is known by many tourists, people here have started to switch to tourism services such as: selling seafood, catering services, sleeping...

Photo: @langchaibahang

The life of the people here is quite simple, idyllic, simple. , as rustic as their own souls. When coming to Ba Hang fishing village, you can not only admire the beautiful natural scenery of the mountains and forests, but also experience the life of the people year-round fishing on the immense sea. Be with the people to go out to sea to fish, fish for squid, enjoy their results. Or take a boat to visit the bay, watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

4 fishing villages all have their own beauty, but they all share a wild and peaceful beauty. Simple, honest people, poetic and lyrical natural scenery. Let's pack your bags and go to discover the most beautiful fishing villages in Ha Long, to record memorable moments in your journey.

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