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7 experiences not to be missed when traveling to Ha Long

Ha Long is famous for its poetic and charming natural landscape with thousands of large and small islands. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Long Bay, you should definitely not miss these 9 fascinating and interesting experiences below!

Overnight on the Bay

Ảnh: @keokongkon

Have you ever experienced and enjoyed the magical feeling when watching the sunset of Ha Long Bay on the deck of the ship amidst the immense waves or watching the romantic sunrise on the vast blue sea? The cruise on the bay are like a miniature hotel, with private rooms with clean blankets, air conditioning, and private bathrooms.

Photo: @linlunglinh

It is great when you can relax in your own room and just open the window and you will see the majestic mountains and water, watch the stars on the deck, watch the quiet sea, shimmering at night.

With their schedule, the cruises will take visitors through famous places of Ha Long Bay such as: Trong Mai Islet, Thien Cung Cave, Ga Choi Islet, Sung Sot Cave, Titop Island, Dau Go Cave, and Ha Long Bay. Bai Tu Long and the large and small islands…

Not only that, the cruises also bring visitors to explore the life of fishermen in fishing villages, learn about local culture and experience activities here such as fishing, squid fishing, cooking on rafts...

The experience of watching the sunset and spending the night on the bay amidst the immense waves and thousands of majestic rocky islands will become one of the most memorable memories of your trip.

Boating on Ha Long Bay

Photo: @trongsky

Kayaking to explore Ha Long Bay is one of the most interesting experiences for travel believers. There are many rental services for bamboo boats or kayaks for visitors to freely paddle and weave into the most beautiful corners of the bays and islands.

Photo: @letoet94

Kayak has become the ideal means to visit Ha Long, you can freely enjoy the natural scenery and save the best moments of this place. Unspoiled rocky islands, mysterious and magical caves or peaceful fishing villages on the waves. All will bring you the most memorable moments of being immersed in nature on kayaks.

Visit mysterious caves

For those who have experience traveling to Ha Long, it is definitely impossible to ignore this cave discovery activity. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the pristine stalactite caves formed tens of millions of years ago.

The caves in Ha Long Bay have quite complex structures with many different shapes. Each cave has a very interesting history and legend.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Long, take the time to visit some famous caves such as: Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Thien Cung cave, Trinh Nu cave, Luon cave, Bo Nau cave... There will be unforgettable experiences.

Conquer Bai Tho mountain

Photo: @rai.photo

From the top of Bai Tho mountain - one of the highest mountains in Ha Long, you can zoom out to see most of the main roads of Ha Long city as well as the world natural heritage Ha Long Bay. .

Photo: @l.c

Ha Long Bay is compacted in sight with hundreds of limestone mountains of various shapes and sizes with the miraculously arranged hands of the Creator. The road along the coast is like a silk strip embracing the whole city with Bai Chay bridges, Doan wharf, Dong Ho column ... miniature inside. This is not only an opportunity for you to challenge your own health but also an opportunity for you to discover the beauty of majestic nature as well as save photos for a lifetime.

Adventurous rock climbing

Climbing is an adventurous but very interesting activity that you should not miss when coming to Ha Long. There are hundreds of climbing points from easy to difficult so you can challenge your ingenuity to conquer the race of nature.

Photo: @dulichhalong

With sea climbing, the goal is to climb the cliffs in the sea and jump into the water when the climb is completed. To participate in this activity, climbers must swim well and climb at an allowable height and have a safety belt.

Fly a seaplane to enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay

Photo: @dulichhalong

With the experience of sitting on an airplane from an altitude of 150-3000m above sea level, you can comfortably see the beautiful scenery from above with thousands of large and small islands undulating on the beautiful turquoise sea.

Photo: @ly.lilies

Especially the image of white bubbles when the plane lands on the water or the exciting screen hovering in the sky of Ha Long. With 25 minutes of flight, you will be able to conquer the sky, enjoy the scenery and enjoy relaxing moments, the seaplane will take you to safety.

This is an experience you should try once in your life when coming to Ha Long.

Explore the old fishing village

Away from the shimmering, lavish lights of the city center, the fishing villages along the coast of Ha Long Bay will bring you to a place of peace, quiet, and fresh air.

Photo: @langchaivungvieng

You will be able to participate in experience activities with fishermen here in Cua Van fishing villages, Vung Vieng fishing villages, Ba Hang fishing villages...

Photo: @langchaicuavan

The fishing culture of local people in fishing villages here is associated with hundreds of years of natural history. Only there, you can truly feel the beauty of Ha Long, immerse yourself in the magnificence of the natural environment, blend in with the peaceful life of the local people, you will see the beauty of Ha Long Bay. peace of mind, life seems to slow down, all fatigue and worries of daily life seem to be left behind.

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