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04 Tips you need to know to take sparkling photos when visiting Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay has long been no stranger to every Vietnamese tourist, especially when it is considered a "virtual living paradise" for photography enthusiasts. If you are planning to relax at the Cruise on the bay with your family and friends and "work" to create photos of thousands of people, don't miss the 04 Tips to take sparkling photos when visiting the bay. Ha Long below!

Prepare the right clothes

With a night stay on a Halong Bay cruise, in addition to the opportunity to visit, explore famous places, participate in different interesting activities, you also have a lot of time to rest and relax right away. on the cruise and enjoy comfortable and modern services. Therefore, in order to both comfortably operate and have appropriate clothes for the situation, you should find out the specific schedule or refer to the pictures of attractions and decorations on the cruise to prepare appropriate clothes.

Some popular costumes can be mentioned as comfortable clothes for visiting caves and climbing mountains; flowing skirts or maxi dresses for beach frames or chic photos on board; swimwear, shorts for swimming, kayaking, etc. In addition, you can also bring accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses to both protect from the sun and add personality to your photos.

Prepare photography equipment

Depending on your preferences and availability, a mechanical camera, digital camera or simply your smartphone can produce high-quality images, with good light and color. true. You can also bring a flycam (a drone with a camera) for unique and impressive panoramic photos from above.

Note that when using electronic devices during your visit to the bay, you should have protective equipment such as a neck strap, a waterproof bag to prevent the device from falling into the water and getting wet, or to control the drone in areas with water. safe area, avoid obstructing the movement of other tourists as well as vehicle drivers on the bay.

Taking pictures on Ha Long Bay with Flycam (Photo: Fb Viet Nguyen) Capture the moment to take pictures

Ha Long - where you just need to raise the camera to have a beautiful photo, it's not wrong. However, with the same frame, choosing the right time will make your photo get more likes from friends and relatives.

There are many shooting moments from the beginning of the journey to the end that you should not miss. That is:

  • When you pass through the limestone islands with interesting shapes, quickly seize the opportunity to take pictures because with a different perspective, you will no longer see those shapes. Interesting rock islands you may encounter such as Ga Choi Islet, Lu Huong Islet, Con Toad Islet, Dog Stone Islet, Human Head Islet, etc.

  • At sunset with bright golden sunlight or when night falls, all the cruises are lit up to create a city of bright lights on the sea.
  • At dawn, go to the deck to breathe the fresh air, practice taichi and check-in with the first peaceful golden sunlight on the bay.

In addition, you can still unleash your creativity at any time frame because Ha Long is beautiful with no dead corners. Take advantage of the moments with friends and relatives to save memorable moments during your vacation.

Try different shooting angles on the cruise

To suit the tastes and needs of tourists, more and more 4-5 star cruises are launched with new criteria - beautiful - luxury. As a result, most of the cruises are equipped with modern facilities and are meticulously designed to both provide a comfortable stay and provide the ultimate virtual living spaces.

Here are the shooting angles you can refer to:

Tuan Chau island wharf

While waiting for check-in time to board, don't miss a photo right at Tuan Chau wharf. This place is also chosen by many couples to keep their happy moments in their wedding photos.


From the balcony of the room or the restaurant area, the bow of the ship, you can have frames with blue sky, white clouds, golden sunshine and beautiful jade sea water.

Sunbathing patio

With a 360-degree panoramic view, the sundeck is a place where you can take photos anytime, anywhere from activities like watching the sunset, practicing taichi, enjoying a drink at the bar or simply relaxing. view the mountains and ships on the bay.

Outdoor pool

New and high-class 5-star cruises such as Stellar of the Seas, President, Orchid Premium, Heritage, Le Theater, etc. are equipped with a spacious and modern outdoor swimming pool for you to take super cool check-in pictures.

Swimming pool on the Stellar of the Seas cruise (Photo: @dianatt)


A picture from the luxurious, modern room with large glass doors or a balcony overlooking the bay will certainly not disappoint you.




Favored by many tourists, the bathtub by the glass door with a full view of the sea not only provides the most relaxing moments but also a great photo angle for you.


Hope the above tips can help you create sparkling photos for a lifetime and get more inspiration to visit the legendary Ha Long Bay! For more information and offers, contact Ha Long Cruise now for specific advice! ^^

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