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Itinerary: 2 Days/1 Night View 3 Days/2 Nights Itinerary

DAY 1: Day 1


Leave Hanoi at 8:00AM on our minivan and get to Halong Bay. You will have the opportunity to see many beautiful landscape on the way with the lush rice fields.


12:30 is the check in time at Tuan Chau Island. By 13:00 All members will be transferred   to the Pelican Cruise. At the entrance of the cruise each member will be welcomed with a drink followed   by a safety briefing by the Operation Manager. Simultaneously the Luxury cruise heads its way to the and   ends up in the Hoa Cuong village. At 13:30 The Pelican Restaurant will be serving lunch.

We begin the adventurous ride by taking the first step towards the Bat Caves. By 17:15 it is time to rest and enjoy while the cruise finds a perfect spot to anchor itself for the night.


The bar starts with Happy Hours where you get a drink free on one, while the cooks start off with their cooking demonstrations on the sun deck. And after a while you can either join the fishing squad.

DAY 2: Day 2


As we move on to the next day, we start at the sundeck early in the morning with the Tai Chi instructions. Pelican restaurant serves breakfast for the day, after a beautiful start. And by 07:45 we jump of the cruise and take a 60 minute hike to the Surprise Caves. By 09:30 it is time to check out from the cruise while payment is done in the reception area. At 10:30 Pelican’s Restaurant serves light lunch so that it can keep you going for the day. And right before noon you are safely brought back to the Tuan Chau pier and transferred back to the café. This marks the end of a perfect calm trip.

Please note that times are approximate and may vary. Itinerary may change when necessary

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