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“Best feature of my trip was the crew members, who were friendly and helpful with me in the whole trip. They made me feel like I was at home”

(Ling Guo, Taiwan)

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DAY 1: Hanoi - Halong bay


A trip to Ha Long city through the paddy countryside, where your cruise awaits you. The journey by road takes around 3 and half hours. You also have a small break for some refreshment at the midpoint.


You in the heavenly city of Ha Long and now you are on your way to take your first step into the cruise. While the cruise gets ready to set sail you are to check in at the cruisers reception and are welcomed by the crew member who will enlighten you more about the vessel and the journey you about to enjoy. While the cruise head into the deeper sides of Ha Long Bay, Lunch is served, and also enjoy the various shapes of rock formations that nature has carved out itself.

At 15.30 You get the great opportunity of meeting and socializing with the fishermen of the Cua Van village, which is also known as the fishing village.

At 16.30 Time to dive in the bay or enjoy some kayaking. And within an hour’s time you back on the vessel which is headed towards the Drum Cave with the cruise is docked. Dinner will be served on board at 7:00PM


Time to sit back enjoy a drink from the bar and socialize with the guests as well as the crew members. This is the end of Day 01.

DAY 2: Halong - Hanoi


By 7:00 Coffee or tea whichever suits you better is served, along with some light breakfast. The cruise takes a step ahead and anchors by the Surprise caves or the Sung Sot Cave. You onto the cruise checking out of it, while the cruise heads toward the Ha Long City’s Harbor. By noon you off the cruise and seated on to your respective rides which will take you back to Hanoi.


Ceramics Workshop is organized at the Dong Trieu town which is on the way to Hanoi. You are in the city of Hanoi at 5:00PM. The splendid trip ends here.

Please note that times are approximate and may vary. Itinerary may change when necessary

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