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(N.Krachenkova, Ukraine)

Thinking of an exotic voyage for your romantic escape, you can take the White Dolphin Private Cruise for a sweet holiday with your special one.


The boat consists of two cabins of luxurious design. These are two cabins of which the area is 25 m2 each. Each has a double bed with large windows overlooking the sea. There are connecting rooms for your convenience. The accommodation can host up to 5 people. The furniture inside cabins includes wardrobe, personal safe, and cabinet. Some sections are dedicated to a classy living room together with a restaurant and bar. The design of the boat’s interior is smart providing many private spaces for couples


The chef on-board specialized in Vietnamese delicacies and fresh seasonal seafood. The cooking style aims at the purity and freshness of the local ingredients. Some dishes may look just simple yet delicious. The highlight is the barbecue dinner on the sundeck upon your request. The joy is at its paramount when you can savor on smoky treats while watching the sunset on the Bay.


The staff also organize the events at custom requests. Beach parties are a popular choice but the star of all is the dinner for two in a luminous cave. The staff can prepare the smallest details for your comfort then withdraw for your privacy. The tour offers two packages. One is the 2 days 1 night trip. The other one is the 3 days 2 nights. It is the best that you opt for the latter one as you have more time to enjoy the ride. Plus, the longer trip gives you more time to rest. The tour takes you past the Fighting Cock Rock, the Incense Burner, and the Dog Rock Islets. Especially the Fighting Cock Rock is a view to remember as it is the iconic rock of the Ha Long Bay. You should pack some essentials with you. The packing list should include your passports, swimming suites, sun screen, insect repellents and sun glasses. However, it is advisable that you travel light. It is best that you leave your heavy suitcases back at your hotel in Hanoi.


White Dolphin has both group tour and private tour avaialble. There are several vessels of different capacity so you can always find something you need:


> White Dolphin 89 has 4 cabins and makes a perfect trip for group of friends

> White Dolphin 99 with 14 cabins is an ideal choice for large group travel such as corporate

> White Dolphin 94 with 2 cabins is what a family needs

> White Dolphin 95 has 3 cabins and can be used for extended families

> White Dolphin 96 with 10 cabins is a smaller version of the vessel 99

Whether your group is small or large, White Dolphin shall have the perfect fit.



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