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(MacKnight, UK)

The Pelican boat is freshly launched in 2012 with two more mates in the Pelican fleet being launched in 2013. There are 20 deluxe cabins and 2 royal suite. Every cabin boasts of its own balcony and open windows. The room are spacious and adorned with Oriental furnitures. The spa introduces the thousan year method of herbal remedies relieving your tensed muscle and revive your skin.


Cruise highlights

The Pelican is exceptional as safety standard regarded. There are fire extinguishers, central monitoring system, smoke alarm, in-room oxygen tubs and a regular training of safety procedures. Its wide upper deck is an ideal place for you to savor the fine wine and the purple sunset. Even if you are not a morning person, try get up early and attend a Tai-chi session among the pure air of the Bay. The sun deck can also accommodate special event such as a wedding, a birthday party or any surprise events for your special ones. You can charter the whole cruise for your sweet honeymoon or a relaxing business retreat.

The cruise takes pride in its gourmet restaurant where you can find both classic Western styles and local delicacies. The bar is another exception example of the Pelican’s fine service. There is a wide range of wines imported from France, Australia, and Chile. A group of innovative cocktails inspired from the exotic beauty of Ha Long partners so well with the same old, yet still good classic cocktails.


Available tours

The crew offers either 2 day or 3 day trips of discovering the Natural Heritage of Ha Long. The custom trip will cater to all of your need from the details to the ultimate privacy. There is also a service of dinner theme when you have excellent food in the cool, mysterious caves around Ha Long Bay. There are three destinations for your choice of themed dinners. They are Trong Cave, Soi Sim beach and Dong Tien cave. They all share a pristine, wild beauty that will heighten your sense of enjoyment.


+ Spacious cruise cabins and common area

+ Dinner is served in buffet BBQ style with great quality 

+ Spa service is top-notch and available on board


- There are only two royal suites on board so if you want to book the suite, you must book well in advance.

(+84) 962 609 716