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“I just finished the second Halong trips on Dragon Pearl Cruise with my college friends, and this was as awesome as the first time. I’m thinking about the 3rd time with this cruise next year with more pals”.

(Alyssa, Singapore)

Dragon Pearl Junk is a more budget choice for you with the same amount of pleasure in experiencing the sail around Ha Long Bay. The quality is never compromised though as the fleet of cruiseships is run by the recognized agency of Indochina Junk. 


Introduced in May 2010, Dragon Pearl Junk Cruise is the newest and the biggest of the Indochina Junk family. Amalgamating the style of an age-old Ha Long Bay fishing boat with the facilities of a contemporary yacht, this cruise is exceptionally designed by wood, stone and bronze with 11 deluxe cabins, a superb bar with comfy seating arrangements and a plasma TV, connoisseur restaurant, external dining area, a captain cabin, individual staff area and sundeck.


Its name gets inspired from the local legend about dragons. Legends has it once upon a time the dragons ere sent by the Heaven King to defend the neighborhood from brutal invaders. After the war, the dragons feel an unsepabarable feeling with the area thus landing here forever and creating this heavenly landscape.


Cruise highlights

There are three identical boats in the fleet of Dragon Pearl. The boat is sturdy yet charming in the similar shapes with its ancient counterparts which sailed the water around South East Asia to East Asia carrying potteries and siks for centuries. The ambience of teak and oak yields a cozy, woody touch. The boat is suitable to large groups of people. The maximum number is, however, 20. The boat has two large relaxing and lounging areas where you can take joy in doing nothing. The kitchen is well-equiped for any tasty parties. There are even two dinging areas-indoor and outdoor. If the weather allows, go outdoors for a delicious view of the peaceful bay.


Served by a professional, competent, loyal and hard-working team of crews, Dragon Pearl Junk Cruise is spread over three decks and ideal for parties for a group of up to 20 people. The exquisite dining room and bar are majestically executed with homegrown Teak and Oak and is perfect for families or couples. The impeccable grandiose, cozy settings and superb arrangements of the cruise make the journey of the guests an unforgettable and most cherished one.


Available tours

You can visit all the interesting spots from the cruise and try living the life of the locals for some moments. The outstanding feature of tours offered by Indochina Junk is the ecotourism philosophy in which tourists enjoy the nature and leave none of negative impacts. The only things they take away from Ha Long Bay would be memorable photos. The things they leave behind may be mangroves. The mangroves is a significant part balancing the biodiversity in the region. You can register for a day out planting mangroves with your friends. There is this unmistakenable joy of gardening, getting muddy and laughing quite a bit. Kayak, fishing and swimming are other activities for any sport lovers.


There is also a night out for barbercue on the quite beaches. All of your senses are satisfied at once. Smell. Look. Taste. Hear. Touch.


+ The best option in terms of exploring the innate charm and beauty of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.

+ The cruise follows a unique itinerary that no other cruise can match. It ranks first on Trip Advisor for the service delivered.


- It is extremely hard to book a trip with Dragon Pearl cruise since it is so popular. We recommend early booking at least 2 months in advance.

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