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Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located east of Cat Ba Island, looking out to the Van estuary and right next to Ha Long Bay. This is a peaceful Bay with an arc shape, including 400 islands which depict a big paradise painting. Different from Ha Long Bay, these islands are all covered with trees and vegetation, even a tiny one like an oasis. The Bay is famous for 100-year-old Van Gia fishing village, a separated Viet Hai village and Monkey Islands with beautiful Cat Dua beach and various humorous monkeys.

Lan Ha Bay’s climate

Lan Ha Bay – a wonderful place - has become an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. You will absolutely get your own memorable trip when deciding to come here. For more convenience, climate is an important factor that you should always consider before your journey. Along with the blue sea and stretching sands, Lan Ha Bay owns a fresh and cool climate in terms of its tropical monsoon location, which is excellent for a real holiday. The Bay has an annual average temperature of 24 degree Celsius which is ideal for travelling. Moreover, the average rainfall is 1700 mm per year. You also should take consideration of the season here. It is scheduled to be rainy from July to August. In summer, the average temperature is measured at about 30 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius in winter. Taking all these as your luggage, you will surely be relaxed and optimally using your time on this fascinating place.

Discovering the nature in Lan Ha Bay

Located in the East of Cat Ba Island with total area of 7,000 ha, Lan Ha Bay brings you a perfect combination of the nature and the soul itself. One can take a lot of interesting activities there like bathing in the green water or kayaking around beautiful islets. With the high density of wild limestone, the sea is split into small bays many of which have not been explored. There are hundreds of mountains with various shapes depicted differently by your rich imagination such as: Guoc Islet which is like a wooden shoe, Doi Islet which is like a bat and so on. The stalactite caves and the outstanding characteristics of Ha Long populations are also present in Lan Ha. They are Ham Rong cave, Do Cung or Ca cave.

Unlike Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay consists of up to 139 tiny desolate golden sands as the "Green Channel" inviting you to explore. Many sandy beaches lying between two rocky mountains with calm waves are really ideal ones to fulfill your trip. Under the clear blue water are colorful coral reefs as Van Boi, and Van Ha. The calm water areas in the island such as Sen, Cu and Monkey Island are where visitors can dive in order to see these splendid corals.

On a small boat, you can bypass the canyon so as to excurse the coves, visit beautiful caves and relax on the beach listed as Tung Gau Cave, Cat Dua beach (Monkey Island) which is now breeding monkeys and building motels for visitors (Monkey Island Resort). Especially, you can tour the pearl farms here.

It is recommended that you should take a tour through Cat Ba National Forest – home to many precious animals including the rare white-head langur and the needle trees. After passing Ngu Lam peak, at the end of the journey is the Viet Hai fishing village, an unspoiled one of Cat Ba Island, where one can discover a full range of interesting things about a typical northern fishing village. With their potentials and investment, Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island are wonderful destinations to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Trip information

At the moment, Au Co cruise operates 3 day trip that covers Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, making it the one and the only on the Bay to have such a unique itinerary.

More details of Au Co cruise's itinerary: http://www.cruisehalongbay.com/cruise/au-co-cruise

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