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4 main ports for boarding a Halong cruise

Halong bay is a beautiful bay in Vietnam, and it is popular for tourism. People from all over the world ride on Halong bay cruises to visit this attractive bay in Vietnam. This place has many worth seeing places and is quite popular for its four major and important ports where all cruises depart from. These ports are:

1. Tuan Chau

2. Cai Lan

3. Bai Chay

4. Hon Gai

Knowing about these ports will help you learn what you should expect about the departing place:

Tuan Chau:

If you leave for Halong Bay from Hanoi, Tuan Chau is the first port you will reach. It is located at the edge of an island also by the name of Tuan Chau. The island is situated in the south west of Vietnam and is covered by Pine forest. The octagonal house of the president has now become a memorial and is the major attraction to the tourists coming from all over the world. This island is quite influenced with European culture, and you can even witness the European architecture here. A lot of investments have been made on this Island because it is the serious source of attraction to the people who visit Halong city. It has appeared as the major touristic destination in the last few years.

Cruises that depart from Tuan Chau Pier includes Paradise Luxury Cruise; Bhaya Cruise; Glory Cruise; Pelican Cruise, to name a few.

Bai Chay:

Bai Chay along with Hon Gai is officially known as the Halong City. Bai Chay is the most crowded of all cruises since it is the earliest to be used for cruise trip. The more luxury cruises also use the adjacent Hoang Gia (Royal Pier) nearby to anchor their cruise.

Cruises that depart from Hoang Gia and Bai Chay includes: Indochina Sails, Emeraude Cruise, Alova Cruise

Hon Gai:

Lying across the Bai Chay bridge, Hon Gai beach enjoys beautiful sea breezes and warm water temperature. Hon Gai is the less crowded of all and cruises which depart from here concentrate on touring Bai Tu Long Bay. Although it has the advantage of being a quiet waiting lounge, the facility here is not as developed as Tuan Chau Pier.

Cruises that depart from Hon Gai Pier includes: Dragon Pearl Junk, Paloma Cruise, White Dolphin cruise and Bai Tu Long Junk

Cai Lan:

It is one of the most important ports in the North of Vietnam and is popular for tourism. This port has a lot of natural resources, and a lot of investments has been done on this port in order to meet the marine transportation needs of the country. It is expected that a lot more investment will be done here in order to improve its standard and bring it at par with the International ports for the International marine transport.

Currently, only Syrena Cruise is operating in Cai Lan pier.

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